The winds of change…

This marks a new beginning for me. I have chosen to take the steps to delete my Facebook account and use this page to keep our friends and families updated. It is my goal to use this page to share how our boys are growing up and my experiences as a father and husband. I’m challenging myself to be a better Christian man, husband, and father. I’m not here to preach. I’m just here to share updates, some experiences or typical daddy gripes, tips, and brag about my boys in a positive manner. While it’s not ok to gloat it is ok to be proud of your kids. I am certainly not doing one of those bumper stickers that tell you that my kid is in the honor roll. But if I want to share on here that my kid has gotten honor roll to share my enthusiasm and document it then I will and certainly have the right to do so!
I’ll throw in light humor too. All the hipster dads are doing it. Why can’t I?

This is my way of breaking free of Facebook and starting fresh. Starting something clean free of my past drama and garbage. This will be focused on my family.

I hope my extended family finds this well and enjoys what I have to share. I miss everyone.